Program(me), etc.

„Über die Schwierigkeit das ‚Gemeinsame’ zu definieren...“

Wir haben verschiedene Korrekturvorschläge für den ersten Satz der deutschen Version des Aufrufes erhalten. Wir freuen und bedanken uns für das Interesse und die Kooperationsimpulse, die diese Konferenz erweckt hat. „Angesichts der Schwierigkeit eine Definition des Gemeinsam", des ,Gemeinsamen’ zu finden” und „der Schwierigkeiten sich auf eine Definition über das  ,Gemeinsame’ zu einigen“, haben wir uns entschieden, die grammatikalischen Unreinheiten stehen zu lassen.   

Die Schwierigkeiten das Gemeinsame zu definieren, hängen nicht selten von Sprachbarrieren ab. Damit hängt diese Erfahrung des Schreibens, der Übersetzung und der Korrekturen nicht nur symbolisch, sondern auch analytisch, mit dem Vorhaben der Konferenz zusammen: über die Schwierigkeiten, das Gemeinsame zu definieren, gemeinsam zu diskutieren. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Teilnahme. 

Die Teilnahme an der Konferenz ist kostenlos. Aufgrund der beschränkten Räumlichkeiten ist eine Anmeldung bis zum 18. November, 2012 per Mail an Tania.Mancheno@gmail.com erforderlich.
We have received more than 60 abstracts and inquiries for the conference from all around the world. We thank you for your support, interest and motivation in this event and are pleased to present you the provisional program for our four-day conference. 

Participation at this Graduate Conference is free of charge. However, due to limited space, registration is required. If you wish to take part, please write us an Email with name, affiliation, year of your Phd and the days of assistance to the conference (first, second, third and /or fourth) by the 18th of November, 2012 to Tania.Mancheno@gmail.com.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This conference has been made possible by the Center for a Sustainable University (University of Hamburg), KlimaCampus and the motivation and effort of the organization committee (Tania Mancheno, Miguel Rodriguez Lopez, Prof. Anita Engels, Anika Hummel and colleagues).

Thursday, November 22nd
11:00-13:00: Registration
14:00-14:15: Welcoming remarks by Dr. Ulrike Borchardt (University of Hamburg) 

14:15-14:45: Opening remarks: Tania Mancheno (University of Hamburg); Miguel Rodriguez Lopez (CGG/ University of Hamburg) 
Sustainability and Empowerment  - The Challenge of Linking these two Concepts 

14:45-15:30: M.A. Juanita Castaño Key-Note Speaker (former UNEP)
Is there a Genuine Latin American Environmental Policy? A vision of Latin American Perspectives after Rio+20

15:30-16:00: Discussion

16:00-16:30: Coffee Break  

16:30-18:00 Panel Presentation I
The Local and Global Dimensions of Sustainability through Empowerment: Transsubjectivities, Transnational Ecologies, Transnational Movements
Moderation: Benjamin Stephan (Centre for Globalisation and Governance/ KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg)

Karl-Heinz Gaudry (University of Freiburg) Innovation of collective action identities as climate change adaptation strategy, trade-offs between State and "the local”.

David Vollrath (Rainforest Rescue, NGO- Activist) Indigenous and peasants participation in resource governance in Bolivia and Peru

Lucas de Souza Martins (Freie University Berlin) Indigenous Territories and REDD+ - A case study on the Tembé in Pará, Brazil

18:00: Welcome Reception 

Friday, November  23rd

10:15-10:30: Opening Remarks Prof. Anita Engels (KlimaCampus)

10:30-11:30: Dr. Gian Carlo Delgado (UNAM) Latin American Political Ecology and the Epistemic Turn

11:30-12:30: Discussion

12:30-14:15: Lunch Break

14:15-16:00: Panel Presentation II
Thinking the Transnationality of national Environment of/through Water
Moderation: Miguel Rodriguez Lopez (CGG/ University of Hamburg)

Daniela García (GIGA, University of Hamburg) Solar energy and the problem of path dependency in the Costa Rica’s energy system

Fernando Campos-Medina (University of Jena) Socio-ecological conflicts as a challenge for sustainability, the mining industry in the Atacama Desert and the undermining of the local community, narratives and images of a crisis

Martha Bolivar (Clisap Hamburg) Impacts of climate change on water management in Colombia

16:00-16:30: Coffee Break

16:30-18:00: Panel Presentation III
(Post)Colonial Narratives in Geographical (Trans-)National Spaces
Moderation: Tania Mancheno (University of Hamburg)

Kevin Niebauer (Freie University, Berlin) Undelimited ('natural') space and transnational environmental imagination: Amazonia as a topic of the international environmental movement during the 1970s/80s

Julia Ziesche (Freie University Berlin) REDD, CO2lonialism and Carbon Hunters          

Martin David (University of Flensburg) Enhancing food security and reducing vulnerability to climate change with farmer field schools – enforced concept or vulnerable approach? 

Anna Kaijser (Lund University, Sweden) Who marches for Pachamama? Environmental debates in Bolivia under MAS

Saturday, November 24th

10:30-12:00 Panel Presentation IV
(Re)inventing Cooperation beyond the North-South Dichotomy
Moderation: Denise Völker (IFSH/ University of Hamburg) 

Daniele Vieira (KlimaCampus/ CGG-WISO, Hamburg) Interorganizational Learning and Technology Transfer among Organizations of the Bioethanol Chain – An Analysis of the Transference of the Brazilian Flex-Fuel Vehicles Technology
Julia Haselberger (University of Applied Science, Hamburg) Climate Technology Cooperation between European and Latin American Universities as a mechanism for tackling climate change

Miguel Rodriguez Lopez (CGG/ University of Hamburg) A Meta-theoretical approach for researching sustainability in Latin America

12:00-13:00: Lunch Break

13:15-13:30: Opening Remarks

13:30-15:00: Mesa Redonda: with Dr. Gian Carlo Delgado, Prof. Antje Wiener (tbc), Juanita  Castaño, Tania Mancheno and Miguel Rodriguez Lopez.

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:3017:00: Panel Presentations V
Transnational Ecological Problems and transnational Resistances
Moderation: Sandra Antelmann (University of Hamburg)

Felipe Milanez (University of Coimbra) Violence against environment and traditional environmentalists in the Amazon: from Eco 92 to Rio+20, a constant presence

Philipp Altmann (Freie University Berlin) Good Life as a social movements proposal for natural resource use in Ecuador 

Soledad Granada (GIGA) Peacebuilding, Grassroots conflict resolution and organic local ownership in Colombia   

Philip Bedall (Kassel University) The Transformation of International Climate Politics
Civil society as driving force? 
Sunday, November 25th

11:00-13:00: Farewell - Brunch. Get together, think together, act together!